What’s new in Criminal Code amendments?

The amendments of the Republic of Serbia Criminal Code were initiated by the Foundation “Tijana Juric”, but also due to the needs to prescribe the harsher punishment for offenders who are recidivists and multiple recidivists. Namely, on 9 November 2017, the Foundation submitted the initiative to amend the Criminal Code supported by exactly 158,460 citizens’ […]


Parliamentary boycott and then what

The situation in Parliament has deteriorated significantly over the past several years. The ruling majority has monopolized the legislative process in this parliamentary convocation. However, the fact that the abuse of procedures has upstaged the space for controlling the work of the Government and discussing the law proposals has worsened the relations with the opposition […]


The “Suitcase” Affair

When on January 11th 2006, the police barged in the flat of the then-vice-governor of the National Bank of Serbia Dejan Simić, and arrested him and Vladimir Zagrađanin, the marketing director and a member of the City Council of the Serbian Socialist Party on charges that bribes in the amount of 100,000 euros were found […]