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Your exposé sounds familiar

We will not go too far into the past, only to the last Ana Brnabić’s exposé and to the five-hour speech delivered by Aleksandar Vučić in 2016, when the length of the exposé was inversely proportional to the length of the mandate. MPs of the Serbian Progressive Party, as well as the Prime Minister herself, […]


Scrutinising 44 per cent of the law proposals under the urgent procedure

“We have removed 16 acts from the agenda by majority voting. I believe this is not a model for us to deal with the urgent procedure, for us to physically win over the government representatives or the government as a whole by majority voting. But we have managed to reduce this percentage from huge 66% to also substantial 44% proposals of the acts, which was the percentage of laws scrutinised under the urgent procedure in the last year.”


What’s new in Criminal Code amendments?

The amendments of the Republic of Serbia Criminal Code were initiated by the Foundation “Tijana Juric”, but also due to the needs to prescribe the harsher punishment for offenders who are recidivists and multiple recidivists. Namely, on 9 November 2017, the Foundation submitted the initiative to amend the Criminal Code supported by exactly 158,460 citizens’ […]