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Opting neither for the East nor for the West, but to Stay in Power

“Vučić crushed by both the East and the West,” “EuroPride is a hybrid war against Serbia,” “Litany procession remotely controlled from Moscow,” “America pushing us into the LGBT war,” “EuroPride – a difficult test for Vučić and the country,” – these are some of the headlines used by national newspapers on their front pages to […]


Media outlets – positive on Russia and China, negative on the EU and the USA

The one-year analysis carried out by CRTA included media content on foreign actors (European Union, United States, Russia, China and NATO) from the 12 most powerful media outlets with the largest viewership and readership in Serbia – TVs: RTS 1, TV Pink, TV Prva and TV Happy; daily newspapers: Informer, Blic, Kurir, Večernje novosti and […]


Third of RTS political programme for Aleksandar Vucic

Political pressure on RTS with its programme dominated by ruling parties, is not an isolated example, in fact, it is very similar to the issues the Croatian public broadcasting company is facing, as our interviewees claim. Istinomer compared RTS and HRT, and used the BBC, the oldest public broadcasting service in the world, as an […]