Russian echo in Serbian media

The results of the analysis pointed at the correspondence of the ideas and motives conveyed by the five narratives to the ideas and motives of the messages promoted within pro-Russian disinformation campaigns, identified and disproved within the EUvsDisinfo EEAS project. One such message is that the entire Western military machine has been deployed against Russia, […]


The relationship with truth and disinformation is emotional

“The problems with disinformation and fake news are universal. Some societies have different experiences because of their media ecosystem. Or because of how many people follow the news online. Or how much news reaches them online. We know that in different countries people use different platforms. You can see trends that vary slightly, but the […]


Istinomer among Facebook partners in fighting disinformation

As part of Facebook’s fight against misinformation, this company partners with independent, third-party fact-checkers around the world, who review and rate the accuracy of content.  Also today Facebook is launching the program in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia, as well as expanding in Croatia. All its partners are certified through the non-partisan International […]