Coronavirus Has Changed the Course of Foreign Policy

  Istinomer talked about Serbia’s relationship with these four global powers in the last years with Milan Krstic, a founder of the Centre for Social Dialogue and Regional Initiatives and a teaching assistant at the International Studies Department of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Igor Novakovic, the director of research in the International and […]


Active bewildering of citizens

Milan Antonijevic, Executive Director of the Open Society Foundation, estimates in his interview to Istinomer that we are “living at the age of climate changes, which are not linked to ecology, but rather to the changes in the rule of law”. This was his response to the question whether he understood what was happening, considering […]


Deda: Vucic and Thaçi were ready to sign the agreement in February

“There was a Draft Agreement on Comprehensive Normalization, a document which was almost signed at the beginning of February this year. It had 12 items and included “principles on comprehensive normalization”, including Kosovo membership to the UN and “correction of borders”. This document, along with annex proposals on various open issues between two countries, was […]