The media flunked because they joined the political coalition

“When Draza Petrovic presented the award to me, he said – if I had wanted to be brave, I would have become a firefighter, not a journalist.”, answered Slobodan Georgiev, BIRN editor, winner of the award “Stanislav Stasa Marinkovic” for journalistic courage, when asked what journalistic courage is. He recalled that Superman, in fact, was […]


Serbs and Albanians have to reconcile

“Vucic is a winner from the meeting in Patriarchate because Patriarch Irinej actually helped him present himself as a protector of national interests, including the church, as well as the representative of the unity and presence of our people”, said Borko Stefanovic, Vice President of the Party of Freedom and Justice (PFJ), in his interview […]


Vucic has Parliament in his pocket

“Democratic Party Parliamentary Group, as the largest opposition club in the Assembly, did not participate in the Collegium convened by Maja Gojkovic, because for the last few years we demanded to have regular consultations for the purpose of reducing the tension, making discussions more decent, ensuring the conformity of the Rules of Procedure and have […]