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How the attention turned from Fico to Vučić

As news broke of the attempted assassination on the Slovak PM, the media stuck to the Serbian President’s quick response. As a guest on public broadcaster RTS 1, Vučić iterated how unimaginable the attempted assassination was for contemporary Europe. Comparing Fico to other politicians of great “political integrity”, the President focused on the strength of […]

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We need spin-checking in addition to fact-checking

Electoral manipulations. A society divided between the West and Russia. People rooting for a strong leader because “only a firm hand can lead us out of the crisis.” The rule of spin. Institutions and politicians gaslighting citizens and spreading misinformation. All of that is the current picture of spinocracy in Serbia. These multifaceted manipulations sometimes […]

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Elections in Serbia and Russia’s pat on the back

When the German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, expressed “enormous concern about tendencies of nationalist propaganda” in Serbia ahead of the elections held on 17 December, the response came at lightning speed. “She is concerned about nationalist tendencies… She probably listened to the speeches of people from the ‘Serbia against Violence’, who suddenly became patriots. Until […]
Photo credit: Facebook/Kosovo Police

Photo credit: Facebook/Kosovo Police

Media and Banjska: What news was lost on the way from Pristina to Belgrade?

Ever since the shooting in the village of Banjska, in which a Kosovo police officer was killed, along with four attackers, representatives of the authorities and most of the media maintain the thesis that Albin Kurti is responsible for all the events in northern Kosovo. As Istinomer wrote before, in the first hours after the conflict, the […]

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TV Pink’s new shows - what are the limits of parody?

As one of “a dozen new original television projects”, the owner of Pink, Željko Mitrović, announced on his Instagram account a format called “Žeks’ antics”, that is, “SSSS (The Funny Side of Serbian Unity). That announcement, which also reached TV Pink’s central news, was accompanied by a video sequence featuring the guest appearance of the […]