Photo: Istinomer/Zoran Drekalovic

Snowden from “Krušik”

This is how Aleksandar Obradović, an employee of the “Krušik” munitions plant described in an interview given to Truth-o-Meter from his house arrest some of the motives that had incited him to give to the public and to the investigative media in Serbia and Bulgaria information stating that Serbian Minister of Interior Nebojša Stefanović’s father […]

Serbian Minister’s Affair: Doctorate that took too long

An economist, Siniša Mali (47) began his political career after the October 5th democratic changes in Serbia. In 2001 he became Assistant Minister for Privatisation. Nonetheless, he was soon transferred to the Privatisation Agency. In the following years, he built his biography as a financial expert and consultant. He was elected Mayor of Belgrade in […]

Photo: Istinomer / Zoran Drekalovic

Political Turncoats: Superficial Switch or True Change of Heart?

The phenomenon of political “turncoats” in Serbia is nothing new. However, party-switching used to happen far from the public eye, whereas conversions are now becoming more and more public  — not least because they provide parties with an excuse for a press conference — and are bringing local politics into disrepute, according to the Centre […]

Istinomer website under the attack of hackers, a criminal complaint filed

Attack has started some minutes after 16.00 hours when the website crashed since it was knocked down by the weight of 30 million and 500 thousand requests per hour generated from IP addresses from Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, India, and other. We would like to remind the public that this attack came several days after […]