Foto: Fonet/Aleksandar Levajković/Istinomer

Coronavirus Has Changed the Course of Foreign Policy

  Istinomer talked about Serbia’s relationship with these four global powers in the last years with Milan Krstic, a founder of the Centre for Social Dialogue and Regional Initiatives and a teaching assistant at the International Studies Department of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Igor Novakovic, the director of research in the International and […]

Foto: Istinomer/Zoran Drekalović

Petrovic Skero: No One Can Restrict Our Right to Human Dignity

Is the National Assembly prevented to be convoked by the Decision on ban of gathering indoors for the limited number of people?   How can one subordinate the Constitution to a decision? It is also a matter of appropriateness, especially since the decision on the state of emergency is adopted in such a way, when […]

Foto: Istinomer/Zoran Drekalović

Third of RTS political programme for Aleksandar Vucic

Political pressure on RTS with its programme dominated by ruling parties, is not an isolated example, in fact, it is very similar to the issues the Croatian public broadcasting company is facing, as our interviewees claim. Istinomer compared RTS and HRT, and used the BBC, the oldest public broadcasting service in the world, as an […]

Foto: Istinomer/Zoran Drekalović

Crnjanski: I don’t understand how you can stay on the side-lines when you know you’re being lied to

The Truth-o-Meter is marking its tenth anniversary. Established as the first portal in Serbia and the region to evaluate truthfulness and consistency in politicians’ statements, insisting on accountability for public speech, the Truth-o-Meter is today a relevant source of information not only for readers but also for other media. Even in these times when the […]