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Aleksandar Vučić’s Serbia: Democracy as a New Name for Corruption

Somehow lost between West and East, democracy and authoritarianism, disturbing facts about the crimes committed in the recent Yugoslav wars and idealized picture of the self, Serbia gives a scary example of how slow and troubled transition can be, and how difficult it is to overcome the past. In the present day, the most powerful […]

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The Media on Operation Storm – Harrowing Memory or Warmongering?

The claim that the Croats hate us, and that one should never holiday on their coast, was avoidable only by getting your news from a single newspaper, or staying away from newspapers altogether, and by every means avoiding television channels with news shows. Some wondered what the intention of the tabloid editors could be, whether […]

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The relationship with truth and disinformation is emotional

“The problems with disinformation and fake news are universal. Some societies have different experiences because of their media ecosystem. Or because of how many people follow the news online. Or how much news reaches them online. We know that in different countries people use different platforms. You can see trends that vary slightly, but the […]

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Russia spreads disinformation through the "troll factory"

  “There is a lot of disinformation that Russia puts out and there are special teams, such as the “troll factory” in St. Petersburg, that spread disinformation for the Russian audience and around the world.”

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There are no bio labs for the destruction of Russians in Ukraine or any other nation whatsoever

According to the officials from Russia, China and some of the media outlets and social media users in Serbia, Ukraine hosts dozens of “American labs for biological weapons and destruction of Russians”. Conspiracy narratives mention that these labs precisely are the only Russian targets during the current invasion of Ukraine. None of these theories has […]