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We need spin-checking in addition to fact-checking

Electoral manipulations. A society divided between the West and Russia. People rooting for a strong leader because “only a firm hand can lead us out of the crisis.” The rule of spin. Institutions and politicians gaslighting citizens and spreading misinformation. All of that is the current picture of spinocracy in Serbia. These multifaceted manipulations sometimes […]
Photo credit: Facebook/Kosovo Police

Photo credit: Facebook/Kosovo Police

Media and Banjska: What news was lost on the way from Pristina to Belgrade?

Ever since the shooting in the village of Banjska, in which a Kosovo police officer was killed, along with four attackers, representatives of the authorities and most of the media maintain the thesis that Albin Kurti is responsible for all the events in northern Kosovo. As Istinomer wrote before, in the first hours after the conflict, the […]

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TV Pink’s new shows - what are the limits of parody?

As one of “a dozen new original television projects”, the owner of Pink, Željko Mitrović, announced on his Instagram account a format called “Žeks’ antics”, that is, “SSSS (The Funny Side of Serbian Unity). That announcement, which also reached TV Pink’s central news, was accompanied by a video sequence featuring the guest appearance of the […]

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Putin’s recipe in Vučić’s kitchen

The All-Russian People’s Front was formed before the 2021 presidential election, in support of Putin’s candidacy, after the end of Medvedev’s presidential mandate. First and foremost, there was the electoral logic of such a move. Putin’s party, United Russia, had been in power for ten years, and at that point it was facing serious problems. […]

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How did Serbia become the biggest victim of the war in Ukraine?

From the first hours of the war in Ukraine until today, the media in Serbia went through different stages – from the fact that “Ukraine attacked Russia”, all the way through calling it a “special operation” and not a war, to accepting the reality, but with cheering for Vladimir Putin’s regime and his actions on […]