Foto: Fonet/Aleksandar Levajković/Istinomer

There are no Serbian weapons in Armenia and Azerbaijan

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia and Armenian and Azerbaijani nations were friends and brothers. In the war which is flaming over Nagorno-Karabakh there are no Serbian weapons, said Vucic, adding that we have been selling them – the ammunition, “in fact, more to Azerbaijan, than to Armenia”. “Those were allowed “end-user” destinations, […]


Istinomer among Facebook partners in fighting disinformation

As part of Facebook’s fight against misinformation, this company partners with independent, third-party fact-checkers around the world, who review and rate the accuracy of content.  Also today Facebook is launching the program in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and North Macedonia, as well as expanding in Croatia. All its partners are certified through the non-partisan International […]

Photo credit: Zoran Drekalović

Protests in Serbia in the time of coronavirus: Immune to beating and police torture

Citizens of various political orientations, as well as a different age, went out to the streets, where in a short time we could have witnessed the scenes of police torture and violence over protesters. Highest officials and government representatives were unison in denying police brutality, although numerous videos had witnessed that. Although such scenes of […]

Photo: FoNet/Nenad Djordjevic

Calmest, cleanest and the best campaign so far

During his first public statement after Election Day, Aleksandar Vucic congratulated everyone on a fair and honest campaign. Before the celebration in SNS headquarters, the President of Serbia rejoiced for the “historical support”, as he said, based on daily surveys – they could have witnessed who is who. “I was telling you through the campaign, […]

Courtesy: Istinomer

Istinomer fact-checked COVID-19 and the Serbian national election at the same time. Here’s how.

This case study is part of Resilience Reports, a series from the European Journalism Centre about how news organizations across Europe are adjusting their daily operations and business strategies as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.  In a nutshell: Increasing the number of fact-checks and building a new browser-based tool helped Istinomer combat politicians and other Serbian media intent […]