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Serbia on the European path, hand in hand with Russia and China

The first article of the Serbian Constitution reads: “Republic of Serbia is a state of Serbian people and all citizens who live in it, based on the rule of law and social justice, principles of civil democracy, human and minority rights and freedoms, and commitment to European principles and values”. Although at least, on paper, […]

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Argentine fact-checker: Police found fake medicine sellers due to our discoveries

We are witnessing many people selling and promoting “miracle medicines” for COVID-19 and other illnesses. Is this case changing anything when it comes to fact-checking during this pandemic? We hope this investigation helped to see how disinformation, unfortunately, is not only incredibly harmful but also a lucrative business. This investigation shows that, when we start […]

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Twitter about labelling of the Serbian media: It is important to know who controls and exercises pressure on media

It has been a long time since Serbian media scene was disturbed as greatly as after Twitter decision to label the accounts of the majority of media as “Serbian Government affiliated media”. This social media used this label several days ago to label public broadcaster RTS, regional public broadcaster Radio Television Vojvodina, Politika daily, news […]

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Questions on Thursdays – right place, right time

At the three-hour sitting, MPs can get an answer from the Prime Minister or ministers, live and immediately. And not only that. Afterwards, they have extra time to ask additional questions and in the end, give a final comment. In that way, as required by law, the National Assembly would exercise its oversight role of […]

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How can an MP know about the worth of two billion euros anyway?

How can an average citizen, or even an MP, understand whether the current parliamentary convocation has debited us for a lot or little? How much do the public know about such loans anyway? Here is an illustration of the worth of two billion euros: Aleksandar Vučić, the President of Serbia, has recently announced that the […]