Russian echo in Serbian media

The results of the analysis pointed at the correspondence of the ideas and motives conveyed by the five narratives to the ideas and motives of the messages promoted within pro-Russian disinformation campaigns, identified and disproved within the EUvsDisinfo EEAS project. One such message is that the entire Western military machine has been deployed against Russia, […]

Who are the ministers of the Serbian President’s "war government"?

The new government will have 25 ministries. „This is the first time we have formed a government under war circumstances, when you see that there is no end to this conflict in sight. I am counting on our wisdom, our commitment, and from what the SNS proposes, 55 percent of our quota is women, I […]

Media Fear Industry

What is an average citizen of Serbia really exposed to during one day? Do the headlines make him dizzy? All the announced wars and frequent crises and ‘crises’? What are his earworms? Can he escape the role assigned to him, or is the blue pill an inevitability actually?

Opting neither for the East nor for the West, but to Stay in Power

“Vučić crushed by both the East and the West,” “EuroPride is a hybrid war against Serbia,” “Litany procession remotely controlled from Moscow,” “America pushing us into the LGBT war,” “EuroPride – a difficult test for Vučić and the country,” – these are some of the headlines used by national newspapers on their front pages to […]