Photo: Istinomer/Zoran Drekalovic

Electoral conditions: a public official or a party official?

Open or hidden engagement of public officials for promotion of the party, public “advising” to the employees who should they vote for, organizing free programme for voters with the tax payers money, using public spaces for party’s rallies, using public enterprises and institutions vehicles for driving the voters to voting. We could have witnessed all […]

Photo: FoNet/Nenad Djordjevic

Applicants for information of public importance are rarely citizens

After five-year pause, National Assembly MPs scrutinized the reports of the independent bodies at the plenary session last week. However, the discussion was reduced to criticism of former Commissioner for Information of Public Importance Rodoljub Sabic, but also the media and nongovernmental organisations that utilised their constitutional right to request and receive information from institutions […]

Photo: FoNet/Government of Serbia (Slobodan Miljevic)

Minister Popovic playing solo (not) allowed

We can again hear dissonant tones between Minister Nenad Popovic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic. Namely, the President of Serbian People’s Party and Minister without portfolio in charge of innovation Nenad Popovic assessed that Brussels Agreement was dead and that Serbia should, whenever it can, dispute the false sovereignty of Kosovo. The Prime Minister reacted […]

Photo: FoNet/Nenad Djordjevic

Scrutinising 44 per cent of the law proposals under the urgent procedure

Following the criticism of the European Commission in the last Progress Report on the work of the Parliament, the Speaker of the National Assembly Maja Gojković spoke at the opening of the Seventh Plenary Session of the National Convention on the EU, precisely on the part of the EC Report referring to the work of […]

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Professionalism and integrity are qualifying me for the office of the Commissioner

It is a question whether the election of the new Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection will be a cause of a new political “fight” between the government and the opposition. We could get an answer to this question soon considering that the competition will be completed on Tuesday, at least […]