Photo: Fonet/TV Fonet

Freedom House has nothing new on Serbia

Following the latest report of European Commission on Serbia’s progress in 2018, which as a recurrent disease underlines the lack of progress as regards the freedom of expression, another “slap” to the authorities in Belgrade came from the Freedom House organisation. Serbia was downgraded from the free countries group into the group of partly free […]

Initiative Open Parliament celebrates seven years

Since June 2012, Open Parliament informs citizens on the work of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, monitors MPs activities and events in the Assembly. In seven years, 1057 laws were adopted in 682 working days in the plenary which were analysed, more than 250,000 MPs speeches were published, almost 300 law abstracts, […]

Photo: Istinomer/Zoran Drekalovic

Vucic as a president should look up to Tomislav Nikolic

As the expert team of the protest “One in five million”, after a month of work, published requests and recommendations related to the media and the regularity of elections, the team member and assistant professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Dusan Vucicevic explains in an interview for Istinomer that “their work is done” and […]

Photo: Istinomer/Zoran Drekalovic

We don’t belong in the Assembly together with Milan Radoicic

Aleksandra Jerkov, the Democratic Party Vice President and the MP, described that for Istinomer’s podcast ““Speak into a mic” in the early morning, when the operation of the Kosovo police in the Northern Kosovo began, while listening to Marko Djuric and semi-information in the media, she thought that “the war began.” She assessed that the […]


What’s new in Criminal Code amendments?

The amendments of the Republic of Serbia Criminal Code were initiated by the Foundation “Tijana Juric”, but also due to the needs to prescribe the harsher punishment for offenders who are recidivists and multiple recidivists. Namely, on 9 November 2017, the Foundation submitted the initiative to amend the Criminal Code supported by exactly 158,460 citizens’ […]