Vladimir Orlić

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Vladimir Orlić: The BIA’s new leading man

BIA Chief: A coveted position    Vladimir Orlić will take over the reins from the Acting Director of the BIA, Tomislav Radovanović, in the post that has been formally vacant since the resignation of Aleksandar Vulin in November 2023. Previous occupiers of this top post had been the subjects of several controversies with Vulin having […]
Naslovna strana Informera

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How the attention turned from Fico to Vučić

As news broke of the attempted assassination on the Slovak PM, the media stuck to the Serbian President’s quick response. As a guest on public broadcaster RTS 1, Vučić iterated how unimaginable the attempted assassination was for contemporary Europe. Comparing Fico to other politicians of great “political integrity”, the President focused on the strength of […]

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We need spin-checking in addition to fact-checking

Electoral manipulations. A society divided between the West and Russia. People rooting for a strong leader because “only a firm hand can lead us out of the crisis.” The rule of spin. Institutions and politicians gaslighting citizens and spreading misinformation. All of that is the current picture of spinocracy in Serbia. These multifaceted manipulations sometimes […]

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Speaking the Kremlin Language: Who Spoke Out After the Serbian Elections

The Russian narrative about Maidan – the events in Ukraine from 2013/2014, which Russians portray as a foreign-orchestrated coup, while Ukrainians see it as a revolution of dignity that freed Ukraine from decades-long Kremlin influence – seems to have resonated well in public discourse in Serbia. Just as protests against violence due to two massacres […]

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Elections and spin (Part 2): Ignoring arguments as a means of “cleansing” elections

“Thus far, these have been the cleanest elections (almost, you can never implement an electoral process to perfection), the cleanest and fairest elections. They know it, and everyone knows it. That’s why I’ve never received so many congratulations from people in the European Union, even though I’ve never been a fan of parliamentary elections”, stated […]