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None of us said that the Republic of Srpska and Serbia should be united

We already wrote about President Aleksandar Vučić guest appearance in the latest Hit tvit TV show when he talked about wearing protective masks on his party rally and roadblocks. In the same guest appearance, the President had to answer the question on the statements of Albin Kurti. When answering the question of how would he […]

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Those blocking the roads are doing it against the law

The day of the electoral convention of the Serbian Progressive Party held in packed Belgrade Arena will be remembered for roadblocks around Serbia, incidents and arrests of citizens who took part in blockades. As a sign of protest against the adoption of the Law on Referendum and Law on Expropriation, ecological activists and citizens blocked […]

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The case of Linglong: Violating the law pursuant to Feng shui

The news that Shandong Linglong Tire, the Chinese car tires manufacturer, was to build a factory in Zrenjanin, in the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, a project by Chinese President Xi Jinping, was presented as historic three years ago. As government representatives claimed, although Poland and the Czech Republic were among the candidates, […]

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Vulin’s monopoly over memory

The destiny of two mural paintings in downtown Belgrade maybe best represent the atmosphere in the society and current government policy. The first, dedicated to the assassinated Prime Minister Zoran Djindjić in the forecourt of the Faculty of Philosophy, was destroyed several times, but the police failed to react. On the other hand, because of […]

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The one year of work of the Government: we do not have the system, but we have Vučić

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić started her term with the nonsense that the new ministers had nothing to do with politics before this convocation, neglecting that a minimum of three of them had already been active in politics. She continued to condone the criticism of government work by mentioning false data or even abusing the facts, […]