The myth of miracle ivermectin – a dossier on false hope

Did you give up? It has been almost two years since we became perpetually perplexed. *I got vaccinated, and for those who refuse, I cannot make them, to hell with everything!* As we know, many did not take the vaccine. It seems they never will. However, this does not mean they have given up. This […]


No one here is feeling well

“Patients, please, do not enter the waiting room, but wait for the nurse, who will get out to take the cards”, is a notice written on the door of the Covid clinic, in front of which almost 40ish people gathered even before the working hours. Those better informed would take the positions around 6 and […]


Petrovic Skero: No One Can Restrict Our Right to Human Dignity

Is the National Assembly prevented to be convoked by the Decision on ban of gathering indoors for the limited number of people?   How can one subordinate the Constitution to a decision? It is also a matter of appropriateness, especially since the decision on the state of emergency is adopted in such a way, when […]