Media outlets – positive on Russia and China, negative on the EU and the USA

The one-year analysis carried out by CRTA included media content on foreign actors (European Union, United States, Russia, China and NATO) from the 12 most powerful media outlets with the largest viewership and readership in Serbia – TVs: RTS 1, TV Pink, TV Prva and TV Happy; daily newspapers: Informer, Blic, Kurir, Večernje novosti and […]


I am not a frequent TV guest – the Lie of the Year!

In the course of the year, very few political actors’ statements received positive assessments from Istinomer, and the amount of negative assessments would have been higher if we evaluated politicians for repeated but already confirmed falsities. Aleksandar Vučić remained an undisputed lord of the public space during 2021 as well, so he dominated the Istinomer […]